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Are you ready to hire the right team?

Take the stress and confusion out of hiring.

Too often the hiring process feels daunting.

Which means that you either refuse to hire at all and waste so much time and mental energy doing tasks that could be outsourced to someone else.

OR you put it off as long as possible and then quickly rush to hire the person who promises to give you the most relief the fastest, leaving you with a mismatched team whose job descriptions overlap and no real leadership.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Our strategic approach to hiring means that you’re hiring team members with your growth goals in mind that are aligned with your company’s mission, vision, and values. 

Strategy Sessions for Visionaries


Next Right Hire

  • You need to hire your next service pro but the process always feels so daunting.
  • You’ve been burned by a bad hire or high turnover before and are nervous you’ll make the same mistakes…again.
  • You want to hire someone who supports your growth goals and aligns with your mission and values.



Build Your Dream Team

  • You’ve built a team but you aren’t sure that everyone is working to their full potential.
  • You want to clearly identify your next 2-3 hires so that you can hire before it’s an emergency.
  • You want to cultivate a team of high performing service pros who clearly know their roles and responsibilities and are ready to grow with your business.



Power Hour

  • You have a million questions but know that posting in FB groups always gives you a million different answers.
  • You want targeted, strategic answers to your questions so you can stop combing Pinterest for freebies.
  • You want the opportunity to get a different perspective on your problem in a quick 60-minute session.


“If you’re wondering how on earth you’re going to grow your business without losing your mind, Meaghan and her team are the answer.”

Jill Angie, Not Your Average Runner

Learn how to write a killer job description that attracts high quality candidates that are knowledgeable + aligned with your goals and values.

Learn how to write a killer job description that attracts high quality candidates that are knowledgeable + aligned with your goals and values.

Growing your team shouldn’t be a chore.

Too many business owners dread the hiring process, rush through it to get it over with, and end up with a team that isn’t aligned with their mission or values. And then everyone is left with a bad taste in their mouth.

Hiring a solid team gets a bad rap.

My goal is to empower womxn to source, hire, and lead the right team so that they are growing their business, changing the lives of their team members and the clients they support, and creating more change in the world.

I’ve helped my clients hire dozens of contractors over the years and, as the CEO of my own business, I’ve hired many team members for myself, too. I know the unique needs of both business owners and service pros during the hiring and onboarding process to make it a smooth, enjoyable experience. I use my years of experience and intuition to help you find a team that aligns with your mission and values and is excited to support your long-term growth.

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