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Now Hiring for an Operations Manager!

Hello, Gorgeous!

I’m pretty honored that you’re interested in joining our growing team at Inspired Solutions Co.!

I’m hiring an Operations Manager for Inspired Solutions Co.! I’m looking for an amazing ops manager who can work with clients on managing the day to day operations of their businesses.

The existing team is all booked out and since I am raring to grow, the goal of going through this hiring process now is to have someone waiting in the wings to onboard when new clients come in! Read more about what I’m looking for below <3

Are you the best at what you do?

Scope of Work For Operations Manager:

Do you get your kicks bringing order to the chaos? Do you want to help an amazing all female team scale the businesses of feminist visionaries?

If you love a challenge, thinking on your feet, working as a team with other amazing women, and supporting women in business who are changing lives, we want to meet you!

Who We Are:

Inspired Solutions Co. is an operations management agency for womxn-owned online businesses. We support CEOs in creating an effective business strategy, setting up and maintaining systems and processes, and implementing the key pieces that keep the business running, so that they can scale their online business, serve more women, and make an impact on their clients, their community, and the world.

We offer service and strategy packages that support high-performing businesses and give progressive, feminist visionaries the freedom and flexibility to focus on the stuff they love doing, while we take care of organizing, strategizing, and scaling.

Further information on our company can be found at

What We Believe:

We work exclusively with womxn who are supporting and empowering other womxn. We have a big vision here at Inspired Solutions Co.. And that is to support and empower feminist visionary entrepreneurs so that they can change the world through the work that they do with their clients. 

Our core values are empathy, loyalty, honesty, initiative, and education. And these are the qualities we look for in team members.

We believe in being the most authentic version of yourself and so we are the most authentic version of ourselves, swear words and progressive feminist thoughts and spirit guides and all.

Your Role:

> As an operations manager, your primary responsibility will be to work in the backend of client businesses to manage the day to day, behind the scenes tasks and team so that the client can focus on what they are best at!

> You’ll manage projects and teams entirely online including, but not limited to, systems migrations, product launches and development, systems and processes creation, team management, and more.

> You’re a details person. A big picture thinker who can boil down a strategy into actionable projects and tasks.

> This support position will report directly to the owner, Meaghan Lamm. I want to be clear that we are filling this position in anticipation of new clients but there is definitely room for growth here. 

Your Specific Responsibilities Include:

> Strong communication skills among a diverse virtual team.

> Working on behalf of client businesses to bring their business vision to life.

> Communicating daily with the client and their team to keep projects and tasks on schedule.

> All team members are responsible for creating and maintaining Standard Operating Procedures both internally for ISC and for the client’s business and identifying problems or holes before they have a chance to fire.

> Maintaining systems and processes, testing EVERYthing you create before it goes live, building new email campaigns and automations, making suggestions on how existing processes can be improved, etc.

> Holding weekly meetings with me, the client, and the client’s team members to check-in and make sure that everything is on schedule.

Apply Only If…

> You have a solid working knowledge in the following systems or are a quick study when it comes to systems and tech: WordPress, Ontraport, Dropbox, ClickUp, Vimeo, Acuity, Google Drive, Zoom, etc. (experience with podcasts and launching is a HUGE plus)

> You have at least 12 months of practical experience in operations management, project management, or online business management work OR you are a certified OBM or PM and this is your full-time job.

> You’re a problem solver who will be proactive in figuring out a problem before bringing it to my or your clients’ attention—flex those Google-fu muscles!

> You work in North American time zones, have a strong command of the English language, and can commit to a 24 hour turnaround on smaller tasks (we define smaller tasks as something that will take you less than 1 hour to complete).

> You’re a fast learner who’s open to doing things differently.

> You’re a tech-savvy boss who can quickly learn a new system, app, or program.

> You are organized, can follow procedures, and can create procedures with little oversight.

> You are detail oriented, double check your work before submitting, and can fill in the gaps of a task if you see something is missing or doesn’t make sense.

> You can easily handle multiple tasks and projects simultaneously.

> You’re a self-starter and don’t have a problem stepping up to make suggestions on how to be more efficient or productive.

> You’re looking for a long term independent contractor relationship with a great team.

Legit: This position is Not for you if…

> You don’t thrive on client/team managment, procedures, project management, email marketing, and streamlining wherever possible.

> You don’t feel confident in your ability to communicate effectively with the Inspired Solutions Co. team.

> Your working day doesn’t overlap 8am to 6pm Eastern time Monday through Friday by a minimum of 4 hours daily. (If you do all your work after 10pm or on a Saturday this isn’t a good fit.)

> You’re uncomfortable using or learning to use ClickUp according to our standard procedures.

> You don’t have 20-30 available hours in your schedule each month and room to grow.

> You’re looking to be hired and treated as an employee. 


> This is a virtually based position. You must have access to a comfortable home office, computer, and STRONG internet connection.

> You work during the hours of the 4 contiguous North American time zones Monday through Friday.

> You understand that we are currently seeking interested people to keep on standby for when a new client begins onboarding and there is an initial training period where you will become familiar with our workflows, systems, and procedures before working with clients.

> Potential for growth, more hours, and ongoing relationship with us in our referral database after your initial training period has ended.

How To Apply:

Send an email to with your name and favorite color in the subject line. Please include how long you have been an OM, OBM, or PM (if you are certified please let us know when you completed your certification), why you identify as a feminist, your favorite flavor of ice cream, your birthday (MM/DD), your location/time zone, and where you see your business in 3 years.

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