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Why You Want to Be Replaceable (Hint: Vacations are awesome)

Your ultimate goal in business is to be replaceable. If it isn’t, it should be!

Uhh what? It’s almost a badge of honor in our society to work so hard that your boss would never ever THINK of replacing you. You know what I mean. I have so many friends who pride themselves on being the person who comes in on their day off. They work late or through the weekend to prove to their boss that they’re valuable.

And the worst part is that this happens so often it’s becoming the norm. If you clock out on time, never pick up extra shifts, or don’t take paperwork home your colleagues start to think you’re not pulling your weight. It doesn’t matter that you get all your work done during your regular day or that studies show working long hours makes you less productive. No one wants to be seen as lazy!

Maybe that rat race is why you started your own business in the first place. You didn’t want to be on someone else’s schedule. You wanted to be able to work fewer hours and step away whenever you needed to. To have the kind of autonomy in what you do that you can’t find working a 9 to 5 job.

Instead, you find yourself working late, answering emails while you’re out with friends, and you’re constantly plugged in. You don’t want to let anyone down!

You don’t need to do it all.

My business is supporting other businesses. If you’re not ready for an OBM, there are literally millions of Virtual Assistants ready to jump in and help take some things off your plate.

This is the first step to being replaceable. You’ll naturally spend less time on busy work and more time on income generating activities if you have someone taking care of the small tasks. These are the things that have to be done but don’t have to be done by you!

This can be anything from email inbox management to posting on social media to responding to blog comments. You can outsource almost anything in your business, but start small!

Implement better systems.

Now that you’ve got your weekends back, you’re showering regularly and your friends and family remember what you look like you can amp up your level of replaceability with systems.

You’re likely already using some systems that make your life easier like calendar apps for scheduling client or connection calls or social media scheduling apps to keep your content in front of your followers. These are third-party systems or software that allow things to run in the background with minimal effort or time commitment from you.

You’re also probably using some systems you didn’t even realize were systems. Like when you write a blog post or draft emails you probably follow the exact same steps each time out of habit and efficiency. The next step in outsourcing those tasks is to write down your process. When you write and publish a blog post what do you do first, second, third, after you publish?

Use as much detail as possible so that you can hand that process off to someone else and not have to worry about it anymore. These kinds of systems are crucial to you being able to take time off without having to worry that blog posts won’t get written or published, emails won’t go out, and important tasks that keep the wheels turning are left undone.

Scale your team as you scale your business.

As your business grows so do the tasks necessary to maintain it. It’s pretty rare for me to run into a business owner making multiple five figures a month who’s doing it all themselves. Although it does happen, it’s not the norm for sure.

When you branch out from one on one services to creating a passive income product, launching a course, starting a podcast, running a membership, etc. your task list grows with your ambitions. Be super careful not to fall into that old mentality of doing it all yourself or assuming you and your VA can do it between the two of you.

Bring in people who specialize in tech, in ads, in writing killer sales pages and then a manager to lead them all. When most business owners start scaling they go from the creative idea person to the manager and I haven’t met a creative biz owner yet who’s all “yay let me spend all day managing a team!”

The good news is you don’t have to be that person. Hiring an OBM who can manage that team for you and make sure everything gets done so you can kick back and create, focus on your clients, or go on vacation is the key to being truly replaceable.

Plus that OBM will strive to make sure that they, and every member of your team, are replaceable, too!

Be replaceable and take a vacation!

Congratulations! Now you can luxuriate in your replaceability and go on vacation! Order a drink with a little umbrella in it, kick back with a good book and not worry that the important shit is falling through the cracks. Bonus is that you can also get sick, your kids can get sick, or you can fall down the stairs and break your arm and your business won’t fall apart!

You’d be surprised just how much you can outsource to trusted team members when you create really amazing systems and scale your team as your business grows. I know someone who has a team member screen potential clients on discovery calls. She doesn’t even personally interview potential clients anymore!

The sky is the limit when it comes to being replaceable in your business. If you can dream of outsourcing it then it can be outsourced. So to recap…

  1. Remember that you don’t need to do it all. Take the first step in getting your sanity back and hire a VA.
  2. Implement better systems by writing down your repetitive tasks in detail and hand them off to someone else.
  3. Scale your team as you scale your business. You won’t get stuck being the bottleneck managing all the team members instead of creating.
  4. Go on vacation!

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