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Finding the Membership Model that Works for Your Business

As an OBM, I work with a lot of business owners who offer memberships—a subscription-based product that allows you to charge your customers a monthly or annual fee in exchange for coaching, valuable content, a course, or a community. This business model is for you if your goal is to…

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How to Use Dubsado to Manage Your Virtual Support Business

As a self-proclaimed tech nerd, I love my systems and I tend to geek out over them pretty regularly. But today I'm going to talk about Customer Relationship Management or CRM tools. Well, really just one tool. My favorite: Dubsado. And I'm going to share with you 3 must-know tips…

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Should You Outsource Your Social Media Content To A VA? Https://

Should You Outsource Your Social Media Content to a VA?

While it's not impossible to run an online business without social media, those likes, clicks, tweets, and pins sure do make connecting with people across the globe much easier and more efficient. So the question is...should you outsource your social media content to a VA? I know that a lot…

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The Money Is In The Follow-up Https://

The Money Is in the Follow-Up

You've heard this one before, right? Follow-up was something that I let fall through the cracks more often than not early on in my business, but it really is where you can find all the money! Ok, I'm just going to be real with you on this one and say…

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Are You Ready To Hire An Online Business Manager? Https://

Are You Ready to Hire an Online Business Manager?

The number one question I get from business owners who reach out to me is "Do I need an OBM?" Sometimes the answer is "God, yes! Why didn't you hire one sooner?!" and other times it's a very honest "nope, you could do amazing things with a good VA." And…

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How To Fire A Client Https://

How to Fire a Client

Firing clients isn't easy for lots of reasons. You really like them, they have a great business, you need the money, you feel bad, etc. But everyone will have to do it at some point, and knowing how to fire a client can be so helpful when you find yourself…

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Setting Boundaries with Clients

Boundaries are an essential part of any healthy relationship and they're something I've really had to force myself to embrace over the last year or so. As a service provider, setting boundaries with clients will be a game changer for you and your business! From the time you were little,…

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How To Be Yourself In Business Https://

How to Be Yourself in Business

Everyone always says you should be yourself in business, but it's hard to figure out just what "being yourself" means! Below are my tips on being yourself in business that helped me go from timid ex-teacher to confident OBM in just three years. Authenticity is a huge online biz buzzword.…

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