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5 Tips For Onboarding A New Client Https://

5 Tips for Onboarding a New Client

You popped the question. They said yes. Now you're in a brand new relationship. What's next? I'm giving you my 5 tips for onboarding a new client in a way that is both easy and super professional. You've responded to that job posting like a pro and interviewed the client…

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5 Tips For Interviewing A New Client Https://

5 Tips for Interviewing a New Client

Make no mistake about it, when you hop on a call with a potential client, you are doing the interviewing. Which is why I wanted to share my 5 tips for interviewing a new client. When I first started my business in 2015 I would get on a discovery call with…

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10 Things VAs Want Business Owners to Know

When I was first starting out as a Virtual Assistant I often worked with clients who had never worked with a VA before. And I wish I'd had THIS post to oh-so-politely point them to when they came at me with a ridiculous request. I asked some real, live VAs…

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How To Create Business Routines The Work For You

How to Create Business Routines that Work for You

It can be hard to create business routines that set you up for success every single day. But in order to find a routine that works, you'll need to be flexible, honest with yourself, and forgiving. When you're an employee your job tends to naturally create routines for you. Up…

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