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Dealing With Pandemic Stress & Trauma With Justine Sones

Dealing With Pandemic Stress & Trauma with Justine Sones

  After over 18 months of dealing with a global pandemic that’s claimed millions of lives plus ongoing racial injustice, police brutality, social awakenings, political coups, and climate change, we’re tired. We’re dealing not just with stress and trauma on an individual level but as a collective. And that’s hard…

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Failure Is Data

For so many high achievers, failure feels like the end of the world. But a subtle, yet crucial, shift in how we look at failure can be the difference between becoming an expert in something or learning a new skill, and giving up and feeling like a failure.  Today I’m…

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TaVona Denise

Avoiding Launch Fatigue with TaVona Denise

  When people think launches, they imagine this huge undertaking that leaves them a stressed out, overwhelmed, shell of a person. But what if I told you it didn’t have to be that way?  Today, I’m talking with launch strategist TaVona Denise about how to avoid launch fatigue and say…

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Powering Through Vs Feeling Through

Powering Through vs. Feeling Through

In a society that says that feelings are weakness, we spend too much time stuffing down our feelings instead of dealing with them and then wondering why we feel so bad all of the time.  Today, I’m talking about the difference between powering through a tough situation and feeling through…

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Designing Client Experiences With Amy Feierman

Designing Client Experiences with Amy Feierman

Once someone hands you their money in exchange for your service, your client experience gives them an immediate taste of what it will be like working with you. And you want to start off on the right foot so that there are clear expectations and no regrets.  Today, I’m speaking…

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Myth Of Multitasking

The Myth Of Multitasking

That women are better at multitasking than men is something that’s been repeated as fact for as long as I can remember but—spoiler alert—it isn’t true. Today I’m talking about how multitasking actually costs us more time than we think, how it’s a tool of the patriarchy, and how we…

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Spiritual Bypassing

Spiritual Bypassing

In a society obsessed with spiritualism, whether it’s found through organized religion or in the woo community, it’s not hard to find examples of spiritual bypassing. Today, I’m talking about what spiritual bypassing is and how it’s causing real harm not just in marginalized communities but in achieving our anti-racist…

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Erika Tebbens

Doing Shit That Scares You with Erika Tebbens

It's usually the important stuff that scares us. Today, I'm talking with business strategist and coach Erika Tebbens about her run for political office and how important it is to do things that matter, even when you feel unqualified or scared to do it, because representation matters. And you never…

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Performative Marketing With Briar Harvey

Behind The Scenes Of Performative Marketing with Briar Harvey

Performative marketing often starts with your company culture. It's something that starts on the inside. Today I'm speaking with Briar Harvey, a storyteller and systems witch, about the corrosive effects of performative marketing on your team, how to handle when you get called out in the online space, and the…

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