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FV 6 | Femvertising


In This Episode: A definition of what fem-vertising is and how it started. Examples of fem-vertising. The good, the bad, and the ugly. How we can avoid falling into the trap of bad fem-vertising and walk our talk. Listen to the podcast now:   The Truth About Fem-vertising When feminist…

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FV 5 | Feminist Leadership

Feminist Leadership With Meghan Corneal

  What is feminist leadership? We have gone a long way from having a distorted image of feminism as a “man-hating” ideology into an understanding that true feminism can only be intersectional and inclusive. The importance of inclusivity and collective leadership in feminism has recently come to the forefront as…

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How Toxic Positivity Props Up White Supremacy

  Bad things happen to people. Pretending they don't or, worse, denying the validity of peoples' experiences robs them of the opportunity to heal and grow. Worse though is the willful blindness to the very real systemic inequalities affecting many people every day that toxic positivity enables. In this episode,…

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Capitalism, The Patriarchy, & Feminism

  In some feminist circles, it is taboo to use the words “capitalism’” and “feminism” together in one sentence. Capitalism is so historically linked with Patriarchy that it is almost natural for a feminist to call for it to end. But what if we can use capitalism to create the…

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What Feminism Means To Me

  Despite the advances in women’s rights that we have enjoyed over the past decades, many women in business are still figuring out a way to break free from the patriarchy that still plagues the business community today. In this pilot episode of Feminist Visionaries, I introduce the concept of…

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