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Holiday Hiatus

December is here, we’ve already had the tiniest bit of snow here in Michigan, and the holidays are quickly approaching. Even though 2020 holidays don’t look like any other holidays, I’m still committing to taking most of December off so that I can recharge my batteries, plan for 2021, and enjoy lots of hot chocolate and snuggle time with the cats. Rest is important.

Don’t worry though! Feminist Visionaries will be back, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, on January 6th with an interview with Tina Dietz of Twin Flames Studios where we’ll be discussing Shameless Self-Promotion. Plus, I have some super top secret news that I’ll be sharing with you in January. You don’t want to miss it!

I’ve got lots of great content lined up for you next year including interviews with Tasha Booth of The Launch Guild and Candy Barone of You Empowered Strong. As well as jam-packed episodes about spiritual bypassing, perfectionism, the death of the 8-hour workday, and more!

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If you need a refresher or just miss the soothing sound of my voice, I highly recommend listening to some of our most popular episodes:

I hope you have a beautiful, safe, healthy holiday season and I’ll see you in the new year!

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