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How to Use Dubsado to Manage Your Virtual Support Business

As a self-proclaimed tech nerd, I love my systems and I tend to geek out over them pretty regularly. But today I’m going to talk about Customer Relationship Management or CRM tools. Well, really just one tool. My favorite: Dubsado. And I’m going to share with you 3 must-know tips about how to use Dubsado to manage your virtual support business.

How to Use Dubsado to Manage Your Virtual Support Business

Before I jump right into my 3 tips, I want to quickly explain just what the hell a CRM is exactly.

A CRM is basically a tool that helps you automate the flow of how you work and communicate with customers at every stage so that you can nurture a lead from first contact to last sale. While—and this is my favorite part—you’re as hands-off as possible. And Dubsado is a master at this.

A CRM allows you to create automated follow-ups (and we all know how I feel about follow-ups), invoices, contracts, workflows, appointment reminders, booking reminders, and more. It’s especially great for a small- or one-person virtual support business because it allows you to provide leads and clients with a personal and professional system of scheduling, onboarding, and invoicing.

Ready? Let’s dig in!

1. Create workflows.

If your goal is to automate your life as much as possible so that recurring tasks get done the same way every time (and if it isn’t, it should be), then the first thing you’ll need to do to get the most out of Dubsado is to create workflows.

Dubsado workflows come with a myriad of options to do everything from adding a tag to sending a contract, invoice, or email. If you work on a project basis that has a definitive start and end date, you can even set up your workflow to give and revoke access to Dubsado’s client portal.

I have a workflow that does everything from sending the initial contract to sending an invoice AND waiting until it’s paid to move on to the next step, to upselling the client after the paid session with a series of emails. And it all runs in the background while I’m off taking care of other things.

2. Create canned emails.

Apart from workflows making my life hella easier since my switch to Dubsado in 2016, I also heavily use canned emails. Any email I find myself sending more than once gets put into a canned email so that I can use it over and over again without having to expend too much energy on formulating a response.

I have emails for everything from appointment reminders to monthly invoicing to initial contract and invoice to onboarding and more. Plus, one of my favorite things about sending emails through Dubsado is that I can see when a client last viewed my email. So if they say they didn’t get an email I can clearly see they viewed, I know what kind of person I’m working with. 😉

3. Collect client data with forms.

I’m not gonna lie, my obsession with the Google Suite is real. I use, almost exclusively in my business, Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms to collect and hold SOPs, client data, team data, take notes, etc. But Dubsado really shines with this AND keeping that client data in Dubsado allows the clients to have one-stop-shop access to everything from their forms to past and current invoices.

I use forms in 3 main ways, but the options are endless.

I use lead capture forms to collect initial data from people who want to book a call with me. This allows me to do a little mini pre-interview to get to know more about their business, stalk them a bit, and come ready to the call with questions of my own and even some answers for their questions. Plus this adds them into the Dubsado system automatically without me having to lift a finger.

Then I also use an intake form once the client has said yes to working with me, signed the contract, and paid their first invoice. This allows me to collect even more information on their business so that we can dig deep into their goals, deliverables, etc. when we have our initial kick-off call.

And then, totally unrelated to client work, I also use forms to screen job applicants for VA vacancies on my team. Again, this adds them to my Dubsado portal so that they’re easy to communicate with, schedule, and rank.

There are tons of creative ways to use Dubsado in your virtual support business, but these are my top 3 must-haves so you can set your business up to run without you all while looking super profesh, polished, and organized.

If you’d like to sign up for your own Dubsado subscription, you can get 25% off your first month or year by clicking this link. Full disclosure: I’m an affiliate with Dubsado and if you purchase I’ll make a small comission at no extra charge to you.

Already a Dubsado user? What’s your favorite way to use Dubs in your business?

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