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My team and I work with purpose-driven coaches who own memberships and are passionate about changing the world and making an impact on the lives of the women they work with. They’re making big, lasting change in the world and they do it by helping women transform their lives so that their clients can go in pursuit of what lights them up.

Empowering women is a feminist act.

My clients have already hit the six and seven-figure mark. They’ve built a successful business. They know what it takes to create success.

And they know that to grow their business to the next level, they need to bring on a team that can take their big vision and turn it into a strategy, pull out and manage the details, and implement all the moving pieces. They need a solid team.

And as with any team, it’s all a matter of finding the people who not only get your business but gets you.

Hi! I’m Meaghan.

In my past lives, I’ve been a teacher, a nanny, a food blogger, and a Pinterest specialist. After working as an OBM for over a year I decided to become certified in 2018 by the International Association of Online Business Managers.

This transition left me leaning into the strategy of running a business, working with amazing coaches who are passionate about their missions, and discovering a deep, unabiding love for memberships and all that they bring to the online community.

I’m obsessed with women who are pursuing big scary goals and on a mission to change the world. And I love supporting them by giving them more freedom. Time freedom to go on vacation. Financial freedom to build their dream house. Mental freedom to focus on what they love and leave the details to me and my amazing team.

Are we a good fit?

Here’s how we roll:

We keep our finger on the pulse of your business. We love numbers and we’re constantly watching not just the industry for leading trends but also how your individual membership is performing so that we can tweak what isn’t working and dial up what is. 

We step the fuck up. Instead of waiting for you to come to us saying, “Something isn’t working,” we come to you and say, “We need to organize this system or this area of your membership because it’s costing you clients and money. Here’s what we recommend.”

We don’t feed you bullshit. If you have an idea that we think will negatively affect your membership, We’ll tell you so. (Gently, though. Because we’re not monsters. Just realists!)

We’re a damn good time. We’re aren’t just coming in to tick off some boxes and collect a paycheck. Our clients are like family to us and we adore providing a close, high touch experience that will leave you feeling supported, keep the money flowing in, and have your clients posting rave reviews all over the internet. Because if we’re not enjoying our time together, then what’s the point?

We will help you make your vision for the future of your membership a reality. That’s what we do every day.

More about me

I’m obsessed with systems, new technology, organization, color-coded lists, and helping passionate entrepreneurs uplevel their memberships so they can make an even bigger impact on the world. I’m inspired by women who show up unapologetically as themselves.

I’m a Virginia native living in western Michigan. And you’ll never find me very far from a college football game, show tunes, cupcakes, or a knitting project. I’m obsessed with true crime, nail polish, and creating worlds in my head that I turn into novels.

And even though fall in Michigan is stunning, in the winter you’ll find me huddled up under 8 blankets and a heating pad wondering why the hell I moved to what my mother affectionately calls The Frozen Tundra. (But everyone decides to pick up and move 1,000 miles away to live with strangers for a new experience on a whim right? No? Ok, just me then. That’s cool.)

How we work with clients

Membership sites are what we do so we offer Membership Management packages to help you scale your existing membership.

  • If you seem to be stuck with getting new members in the door then we’re here to help.
  • If you are constantly adding hundreds of members a month but losing just as many then we can help you plug the holes.
  • If you create tons of amazing content for your membership and hear nothing but crickets then we can help you increase member engagement and turn them into raving fans.

These packages are tailored specifically to your business and include everything from strategy, tech setup, launch support, ongoing maintenance, customer service, and more! There are no cookie cutter strategies here but inspired solutions designed just for you.

Not quite ready for that yet?

Maybe your membership is just a sparkling idea in the apple of your eye or you only have a handful of people and you’re not ready for a full-service package. But you still need some help strategizing content creation or growth or pricing or retention. Then a Membership Audit is right for you.

After you fill out a pre-call questionnaire and submit payment we’ll hop on Zoom for a 90-minute strategy session where we’ll dive deep into the different areas of your membership and see where we can reduce churn, increase member engagement, set up the right tech for your membership, plug the holes on your website, and suggest the right team to have in place in order to reach your goals. 

Oh, and one last thing before you go.

I know that leveling up can feel scary. I’ve totally been there. Hell, I feel like I’m there every other week, making whopping, scary, big-girl-panties decisions. And let me tell you that it feels SO much better with someone in my corner.

I love what I do. And when we work together, I’m as invested in the success and health of your membership as you are.

Ready to dive in? Book a free call to learn more about how I can help.

Meet the Team!

Meet the other women behind the magic of Meaghan Lamm | OBM! They’re the passionate, driven, hilarious, supportive, amazing women who help me make it all happen!

Erin, Design & Social Media

Most importantly, I’m a mom to two incredible boys who are the center of my world and the reason behind everything I do. I’m a Delaware native, and I live for summers at the Jersey shore, where my family has vacationed since before I was born. I love to blast country music when I’m driving, travel whenever and wherever I can, and run a half marathon every now and then.

I went off to college not knowing what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, so I declared an English major (because I’ve always loved to read). After graduation, I fell into proofreading and editing, which has evolved over the years to include communications and social media management. Yes, I’m one of those rare people whose degree actually comes in handy on a daily basis!

I’m truly honored to be a part of Meaghan’s team!

Nice to meet you, I’m Cherilyn, but you can call me Cher! I’m a wife and mom of 2 with a passion for business and health. Organizing, planning, systems, and processes come naturally to me. As the oldest of 4 kids, I took on responsibility at a young age, not because I had to or it was expected of me, but because I wanted to. I’ve always loved leadership and being efficient and productive are important to me.

For 17 years I managed a medical clinic and prior to that, I managed an automotive parts store. Why yes, cars and trucks are another passion of mine as well. I absolutely love learning new things, including technology and programs. My wicked sense of humor ensures I have fun even when alone. When I’m not working, you can find me spending time with family, working out, or journaling and meditating as I work on being aligned AF.

Cher, Client Management & Processes

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