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While it’s not impossible to run an online business without social media, those likes, clicks, tweets, and pins sure do make connecting with people across the globe much easier and more efficient. So the question is…should you outsource your social media content to a VA?

Should you outsource your social media content to a VA?

I know that a lot of online entrepreneurs struggle with outsourcing this because they spend so much time developing their own voice and connections with their audience that it feels “weird” to hand it off to someone else. They feel that they’re being less authentic if someone else is writing their content and responding to their audience.

And that’s a pretty valid concern. There are definitely pros and cons to outsourcing your social media and we’ll get into those below. But, as with any piece of your business you can outsource, the question becomes: Is your time spent better elsewhere?

The cons of outsourcing your social media

There really is only one con if you choose to outsource your social media…you won’t be managing your social media anymore.

I get it, delegating is scary and I’m as good a control freak as the rest of you, but social media is a wheel you need to keep turning in order to bring in leads, sign clients, and make money.

You can’t neglect this because then your wheel stops and your leads stop and your money stops. But if we go back to my favorite bus driving analogy…you don’t need to be the one putting the gas into the bus to make sure it gets where it’s going. You need to be driving. Period.

The pros of outsourcing your social media

Time! You get more time back in your day if you’re not spending hours a week writing content, creating graphics, scheduling posts, and responding to comments. Hours. Imagine how much money you could make, how many clients you could serve, and how many programs you could build with an extra 10 hours a month!

Less stress. These little tasks (the gas for the bus) that keep leads flowing into your business are important. But keeping track of them all is time-consuming and stressful. Imagine the weight off your shoulders if someone else is taking care of those things for you and making sure they get done every week.

Consistency. If you’re anything like me, then posting to social media often becomes your last priority. Let’s be real. There are only so many hours in a day and you have to eat and sleep. No, seriously, you have to. Outsourcing this bit will ensure that it gets done every single week and your audience is always hearing something relevant so that they can stay engaged and you can stay top of mind to solve their problem.

Outsourcing means that your social media content will be consistent.

I’ll talk more about how to delegate in a few weeks, but there are 3 things you need to remember:

  1. Set clear and realistic expectations. Don’t leave your VA hanging when it comes to exactly what you’re looking for. Everyone works better with clear boundaries and measures of success. But don’t forget to be realistic. VAs are not miracle workers and they cannot promise that you’ll gain 1,000 followers in one month. (And if they are promising that, run fast in the other direction.)
  2. Don’t micromanage. You’ve heard about helicopter moms? There’s such a thing as helicopter business owners, too. Don’t be that person. No one does their best work if someone is constantly breathing down their neck.
  3. Be available for questions. Don’t hover but don’t be a ghost either. Your VA will likely have questions, especially in the beginning, and it’ll be your job to answer them. The more comfortable they feel asking questions, the fewer mistakes you’ll see.

Are you interested in outsourcing your social media? Click here to schedule a discovery call and see how my team can support you!

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