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Strategy is often the last thing people focus on, but it's the first thing they need.

How confident do you feel about your membership growth & retention strategy?

In our Membership Audit we take a look at your essential membership strategies, including…

  • your Wow Strategy for new members
  • your content strategy for member engagement
  • your churn numbers to pinpoint when and why people are cancelling¬†
  • your growth strategy to turn current members into raving fans

You could spend all your time focusing on the latest tech, blogging, posting on social media 8 times a day, and downloading freebie after freebie. But if you want to go farther faster, you need a strategy that gets you there.

“Meaghan helped me learn more about the proper systems to put into place for creating a membership site for my services.”

Kristina Barbee, Career Coach

Membership strategy builds a solid foundation.

Whether you’re thinking about starting a membership or you’ve already started one and want to make sure you’ve got all your ducks in a row you know you can go farther if you start from a solid foundation of strategy.

Book a 90-minute Membership Audit and you’ll get…

  • A solid understanding of your offer, your price point, and what your target market really needs from you
  • A list of next steps you can implement right away
  • A 90 day plan that will help you grow your membership in a sustainable way

Ready to strategize your membership so that you can take the next right steps?

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