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Strategy is often the last thing people focus on, but it's the first thing they need.

Everything changes so rapidly in online business that sometimes, keeping up with the latest trends or knowing what to focus on next can feel like tossing spaghetti at the wall.

Strategy sessions are great tools for…

  • laying out a comprehensive plan for your next product or services launch
  • diving deep into your tech and systems to make sure that you have the setup that’s going to give you the most efficient bang for your buck
  • figuring out exactly who your next right team member is and how to go about finding, vetting, and onboarding them
  • talking out an idea that’s been nagging at you but left untouched because you aren’t sure where to start

“1 week after meeting with Meaghan, I had my sales page written, my offer posted to my personal FB wall, and 3 clients booked! Meeting with Meaghan gave me the energy to get it all done and start bringing cash in quickly!”

Meighan O’Toole, Online Business Manager

Strategy builds a solid foundation.

In our Get Unfucked Strategy Sessions, we take a holistic look at your existing strategies and tech, and together we create a comprehensive plan for the steps you need to take to reach your desired goal.

Plus, after our call, you’ll get a PDF delivered to your inbox outlining everything we talked about with a step-by-step action plan that includes specific tasks AND dates to crank out that project, onboard that amazing team member, or streamline your systems in just 90 days.

You could spend all your time downloading freebie after freebie, sitting through hours of endless webinars, or combing through Facebook to see what So-And-So is doing in her business. But if you want to go farther faster, you need a strategy that gets you there.

“Meaghan helped me learn more about the proper systems to put into place for creating a membership site for my services.”

Kristina Barbee, Career Coach

Whether you’re a newer business owner ready to step up into that next level of business or you’re an established CEO who needs help getting unstuck you know you can go farther if you start from a solid foundation of strategy.

Book a 90-minute Get Unfucked Strategy Session and you’ll get…

  • A solid understanding of where you are now, where you want to go, and the steps it’ll take to get you there
  • A comprehensive, 90-day plan that provides action steps AND dates to keep you on track
  • One week of email support once your plan is delivered to answer any questions and help you begin to implement the planĀ 

Ready to strategize your business so that you can take the next right steps?

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