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Quitting Ahead Of Time

It’s easier than you think to quit before you start and even easier to make that sound like a logical choice. Today we’re going to talk about what it means to quit ahead of time, how that’s closely related to perfectionism and fear, and how to figure out if we’re…

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FV 18 | Recognizing Burnout

Recognizing Burnout

  Burnout is that wall that you hit when you cannot mentally, emotionally, or even physically handle any more stress. It has become so common that people are starting to consider it a normal part of daily life. And the more normalized it is, the harder it is to recognize…

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How Toxic Positivity Props Up White Supremacy

  Bad things happen to people. Pretending they don't or, worse, denying the validity of peoples' experiences, robs them of the opportunity to heal and grow. Worse though is the willful blindness to the very real systemic inequalities affecting many people every day that toxic positivity enables. In this episode,…

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