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TaVona Denise

Avoiding Launch Fatigue with TaVona Denise

  When people think launches, they imagine this huge undertaking that leaves them a stressed out, overwhelmed, shell of a person. But what if I told you it didn’t have to be that way?  Today, I’m talking with launch strategist TaVona Denise about how to avoid launch fatigue and say…

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FV 16 | Being Nice

Fuck Being Nice

  One of the most evident forms of patriarchy is the way women are always policed on how they act, most especially around being nice to the point that it has almost become a cultural necessity for us. The sad thing is how women unknowingly police each other the same…

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FV 15 | Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome With Janet Mohapi-Banks

  In This Episode:     Where imposter syndrome really comes from     How to recognize imposter syndrome when it shows up     How to overcome imposter syndrome to smash the patriarchy Listen to the podcast here: Imposter Syndrome With Janet Mohapi-Banks I am really excited to introduce…

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Stop Charging Your Worth

In This Episode:  Why are women not as confident as men?  How does this lack of confidence affect how we show up in our businesses  How can we repair this confidence issue to show up as our best selves Listen to the podcast here: Stop Charging Your Worth “Charge your…

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FV 6 | Femvertising


In This Episode: A definition of what fem-vertising is and how it started. Examples of fem-vertising. The good, the bad, and the ugly. How we can avoid falling into the trap of bad fem-vertising and walk our talk. Listen to the podcast now:   The Truth About Fem-vertising When feminist…

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